Today, people don’t need to turn the pages of the newspaper or look through the yellow page for information about law firms. Every aspect of life is digitalized now, even advertisements for firms. It is important to be visible in search results when someone searches “law firms”. These agencies increase search rankings, making the firms more visible on the internet searches.

It is important to take your time when choosing an SEO agency for online promotion. Before you hire an SEO company, there are some things that must be done. Continue reading to find out these things:

You can start by setting your SEO goals.

Digital promotion and using an SEO agency can be very difficult for lawyers. This is why they often just follow other’s advice and hire an SEO agency or consultant without any preparations. It is not wise to assume you know everything about a subject. Make the following preparations.

* Select the keywords. Keywords will be the word that will boost your firms rank in search engines. Not choosing general terms like “law firm”, or “lawyers,” is a smart decision. Use a specific word to describe your services. The words that best describe your area of expertise or the majority of clients are what you should be focusing on.

* Hire online reputation management companies to build your online reputation. These teams can handle all your online traffic regarding your firm and will prevent negative content from coming up when you search for the law firm.

* Content optimizing- Decide whether the site’s first page is to be SEO friendly or the entire page.

These are important decisions that law firms should make before approaching SEO companies. Different services will have different costs. If the firms are clear about what public speaking they want and can give orders, the results will be better.

Choose an SEO agency that best suits your needs

You don’t want to hire an SEO agency based solely on good reviews. Hire one that is closer to you and understands your niche. Look for SEO consultants that have experience working with law firms. They will also be familiar with legal practices. SEO professionals who are well-versed in various law terms will be better equipped to optimize the website.

A trustworthy partnership

Most SEO constants sign a MoU to their clients, which makes them more credible and serious. They establish a clear communication with their clients and communicate all information clearly. They inform their clients regularly about progress and relay it to them promptly. SEO firms should also clarify the payment structure prior to finalizing a deal.


While online reviews are not the best way to make a decision, they can be a useful tool when used in conjunction with the information above. Avoid SEO firms that refuse to provide past client references. More important than word-of–mouth is visible ranking and actual references.