The Tollywood industry has never failed to entertain its audience with thriller and their content. It is very well versed with great screenplay making the audiences expect more and appreciate the movies or series. However, viewers have become advanced and technology-driven. To watch HD movies, they prefer OTT platforms over cinema halls and big screens. Watching HD movies online at their familiar place is the comfort everyone looks forward to. OTT platforms like Aha offer this comfort, where you can watch HD movies online and web series. OTT platforms are now preferred over big screens and are seen as their substitute.

Aha, launched on 25 March 2020 and owned by Arha Media & Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd., is a Telugu language content serving platform known for its exceptional services to users. It is famous for the rich and quality content that streams on its application for the viewers. One can watch HD movies and web series and spend some quality time.

To use aha, one needs to go to its website or download its application. The registration process requires the user to make an account that can be done via email ID. Once this is done, viewers get access to the Telugu movie, shows and web series available for free. The application is made keeping in mind the needs, wants and expectations of its viewers. One can also download HD movies and shows and watch them offline without any internet connection when it is convenient for them. The application is available on various devices, including mobile phones, Smart TVs, Tablets and many more. Aha offers affordable subscription plans, a boon for the users as it gives access to more contents to watch HD movies and premium contents. This platform’s range has enough value, which attracts the users to take up the plan. It is user friendly, which means it is kept simple to use and navigate. With being ad-free and non-interrupting, aha is becoming an audience choice. Aha serves exclusively to Telugu audiences and caters for their need to watch HD movies online. The content library includes Telugu HD movies, Telugu original web series, Telugu TV shows falling in different genres.

One can read the review of the movie or show they intend to watch and make the best choice based on their preference. Old to the latest, Romantic to comedy, there is nothing which Tollywood offers, but aha does not. Aha is blooming at a fast speed, making itself loved by the audience and is sure top-notch. It keeps itself updated with the latest contents, which the viewer is sure to be entertained by.

All in all, if a non-interrupting and easy place to watch HD movies or shows or web series are what you are looking for in the Telugu language, aha is the application you must try. With trusted users, it is also sure to satisfy you. Watch New Telugu movies online and keep up with entertainment even in the time of the pandemic.