Over the next 12 mois, major movements will be made by many of the top companies on the stock exchange. However, as a trader how can you make money from such moves. Options trading is an option trading method.

Options can be used as a hedge against a declining stock exchange to limit losses. Options can also used for speculation purposes, such as wagering about the direction of a particular stock. You may think, for example, that Apple’s stock is at its peak and will decline in a year. In contrast, you might think that Netflix’s share will rise over 12 months.

There’s no doubt that stocks will make big moves over the next twelve months. But, even if the direction is not right for you, there are ways to profit. Courses such as Certus Trading ‘Trading Big Moves With Options’ help you to do just that.

CertusTrading is an online brokerage program, which offers educational courses about stocks, options and commodities futures trading. Certus Trading offers strategies that can be applied to multiple asset classes, so that you can identify high-probability trading opportunities for all market conditions.

Trading Big Moves With Options Course: Matt Choi , founder of Certus Trading, shows traders how he uses options for large moves in stocks. Choi claims that this hedged strategy can be used by professional traders regardless of whether stocks move up or down.

Matt Choi has been a successful trader, educator, best-selling author. Choi is a Chartered Market Technie and has been trading successfully over 17 years. He learned his trades by himself and used his own money. Choi started day trading like many others. Choi did very well at day trading, but soon discovered that he was not suited to staring at a display all day. Choi began to invest in longer-term swing trading options and futures after a mentor helped him.

Choi, who is a member of the Certus Trading umbrella, has offered a number trading courses starting in 2011, including one on options.

Choi says you’ll be able to select stocks that are expected to grow over the next 12months, set up your trades so you get a higher than 100% return, hedge your trades and make money even when you’re Certus Trading Review wrong about the direction. He adds that you will also be able put your trades on cruise control mode. This allows you to “set and forget it”.

While options may be profitable, as with all investments they carry some risk. If you are trading options with a broker, there will be a disclaimer that warns that there may be risks and that the options are not suitable. You should also know that they are speculative and could result in significant loss.

If you are able to understand the basics of options and how they work, you can have a significant advantage in stock market. Options can make it possible to tilt the odds against you. Optional speculation is not for everyone. It’s useful to see how corporations use options. One example is that they may offer stock options to employees, or hedge against foreign exchange risks.

Trading options can be a great way to make profits on the market if you do your research. Research is key to making a profit as a trader.