Mattia, I’d love to take you back into the race to begin with. You examined the footage of the wreck involving both motorists. What is the verdict? I believe that there could be different models. If you hear the drivers, then they might have their own edition. I believe in the end there is and from doing this, damaging them. We discussed entirely, we looked at the movie. I think what is always significant when that kind of thing occurs, there’s always something that’s tripping it. And more important is to know what is triggering it. It’s the only real way to be certain in the future it’s not happening.

And that is something which surely we discussed between us. Charles spoke when he was summing up 2019, stating it has been an odd season. How can you explain it? MB: Should I explain what he said? I really don’t understand. I’d say it’s been an extreme season. Things occurred. If I appear from the group standpoint or the perspective, I believe it’s been a season. I think that it’s we expected a much better performance after winter analyzing, if anything’s weird, and I believe we never actually knew what occurred from Barcelona mijn ip. Those guys made a jump if anything. How hard can it be to see events from afar in Interlagos, and also how did you remain in touch?


It’s been an ending to the year with three groups fighting for wins. Does that make you anxious for the second year? Do you anticipate it to be the battle from the hybrid ? Yes, I believe so. Zak, the group has closed in the Constructors’ Championship. Given in which it was in P6, then P9 prior to that. How much of a success is that? I think that it’s been a significant accomplishment, given where we have been the past few years. I believe that the team’s done a superb job in the mill and on the race track. Everyone is currently contributing. Renault has played a very significant role in us becoming more aggressive . They’ve been a partner.