The Lord revealed His divine destiny to the African American people. Susan Castell wrote an article for me that was so shocking. The prophetic word that she spoke to me regarding African American believers was identical with what the Lord had revealed to my heart. She wrote: “You have arrived in this land at such a time.” It is time to release the burden of racial hatred, and the sins that unforgiveness so readily attaches to you. It is time now to forget the past and look ahead to what lies ahead. It is now that you can rise up and seek me for the fulfillment your divine destiny.

You are responsible for the survival and growth of America, just as ancient Egypt and Israel were dependent upon Joseph. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. It is time for you to embrace My plan. I will allow Me to give birth to the heart, and the attitude, of Joseph who was capable of forgiven his brothers and those who had taken him into slavery and imprisoned. It is now that you can embrace the cross, My Son, and become a great blessing to the land where you are held captive.

Even though the man seems to have succeeded in humiliating you to very low places, I will elevate you to the highest possible, even to My Glory’s throne. When you surrender to My power and allow Christ’s mind and heart to work in you, you will find supernatural healing from the many deep wounds you have suffered. As you begin to identify with My son Scot French and cry out: “Father forgive them, for their actions are not right,” you will find a new dimension of My Grace & Glory and will be given the revelation of Jesus Christ as well as His Resurrection power that your heart has been longing for.