Fatma-Zohra Imalhayene was born on June 30, 1936 in Cherchell, French Algeria. She was known as Assia Djebar and successful in different sectors especially writing and filmmaking. She was an experienced Algerian writer and filmmaker. All her novels were written in French. The majority of these novels focus on women and their place in the difficult Algerian society. Assia Djebar was successfully educated in Algeria and France. She completed B.A, in 1956 at the Sorbonne and Ph.D., in 1999 at the Paul Valery University of Montpellier III. She started her career as a novelist in 1957. La Soif the Mischief was her first novel. In 1958, she written her second novel The Impatient Ones originally dealt with young women located within the Algerian bourgeois milieu colonial. Every reader of all such novels gets new ideas about how to make optimistic changes in the regular activities towards the goals. 

A successful career life

The father of Assia Djebar was the only native teacher of French present in an Algerian school. Djebar was successfully educated in French as authorities forbidden teaching in Arabic. Female cousins of Djebar left school when they were young and forced to wear the veil as needed in Islam, her father insisted Djebar to continue her schooling. She studied in Paris and arrived at her home country after independence in 1962. She taught cinema, French literature, and history. She returned to France after successfully directing so many films in Algeria. This was because of only men were in the streets of Allgiers. She revealed this incident to the newspaper Le Monde. She started her life of shuttling between Algeria and France. She wrote so many books especially Loin de Medine in 1991 and Ombre Sultane in 1987 novels. Every reader of all such books makes a good decision and ensures how to enhance the life in every possible way.